About Us

About Us

It all started with an idea to make a nautical Key West-feeling bar/fun room at my home…

After many months of looking for unique decor items to put in the room, and several coastal trips, we finally gathered the items we wanted!

We figured that there must be other people like us who wanted these items that didn’t necessarily live at the beach…..sooo we decided to start a company that would search out these items for others to enjoy!
We spent what seemed like eternity searching out places to get this stuff until we felt we had enough of the right items to sell to other people like us!

In a very short time people found us, and we grew, and we got wonderful e-mails about our things that now were becoming their home decor.

After awhile…and shipping out to people who somehow found us from all 50 states, we started getting many requests from other retailers who wanted the products we sold…alot of requests.

We thought why not?
So we started the search again…but we needed to have something different…somethinga you couldn’t find anywhere…something reasonably priced with a mix of unusual items.

So we broadened our search overseas.
First we came upon some really beautiful and unusual lamps and screens that had incredible handwork.

Then we discovered some beautiful bronze statues and fountains that fit into our tropical feel.

Next we searched for unique jewelry and even started to do some of our own designs.

Portholes are very nautical and we had customers wanting something more than the standard small porthole mirrors so we brought them in larger sizes and rounded dogears and different finishes to match bathroom hardware.

We searched more countries to see what they have and found wonderful nautical wood and metal items and fiberglass products…of course we started to design and develop more of our own unique items.

Now we import from different manufacturers and are implementing many of our own designs…from several countries!

So here we are today…about to do it again!

We are so excited about our finds that we can’t wait for the shipments to arrive, and more new customers to find us all over again, and their delight when they see what cargo we’ve discovered!!!

Who knows where this journey will take us?

We now have many exclusive designs by our own Captain Jim. these designs start with a concept out of the mind then put to paper with rough drawings. Then the factory artists take the concepts and drawings from Jim and make them to the specifications of our Captain. The size and look of the design are finalized then the fun begins! A 3-D version of the drawing is created entirely by hand out of clay. Revisions are made as needed until its approved and finished by Jim. Then the final sculpture can be set in a mold and replicated with different finishes and VOILA! We have a new unique item in Captain Jim’s Creations!

 Thank you for visiting us.   Feel free to contact us to order or just to comment on our items!   We sincerely appreciate your business, and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with your company!
Contact us at sales@nauticaltropicalimports.com 
Thanks again!

Jim Bauman, Pres.
Cool Nauticals/Hot Tropicals Inc.
Serving our customers with coastal decor since 1999!


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